Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cool Blue

I 'borrowed' the reference I painted this from, well she is a Facebook friend.  I was inspired by the photo of the endlessly cool and stylish Sarah E hamming it up for her Avatar and so had to paint her - you dont get that many opportunties for a blue haired model after all.  Having recently come clean I am now allowed to go public!  Really permission beforehand might be a good idea next time but she likes it so I am giving it to her. 

I quite like painting on Arches Oil paper although its pretty absorbent so requires a fair bit of paint for coverage, so its good for life situations and I am sure for plein air.  It dries quite matte and I have yet to discover how to mount it or whether one should or could varnish it. It could be framed under glass like a watercolour of course but one doesnt always want to do that.  Its a nice and convenient surface to have in the selection box in any case.

Oil on Arches oil painting paper 12" x 16"

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