Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Splendiferous simplificationism

Continuing from where I left off on the last sessions of 2012 I am quite pleased with these more recent results. Instead of trying to add drama that really isnt there with the multi source lighting I am keeping my values on the figure narrower and using the silhouette and contrast with the background to provide the interest.  With a simple background and a tight crop I feel these quick studies and oil sketches are OK in the time, (15 to 40 minutes on the small ones and just over an hour on the larger ones) and allow full focus on the figure rather than composition and setting.  Unfortunately this weeks session was cancelled due to snow but I remain optomistic that I will maintain the momentum.

Oil on Canvas 12" x 16"

 Oil on gesso board 6" x 6"

 Oil on Gesso board 5" x 7"


Oil on Arches paper 12" x 16"

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  1. Hi Tina, I really like these and that’s a great solution to indifferent light. The warm and cool passages are very effective.