Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bridges and barrels

A quick sketch of London Bridge in the evening from a phone camera photo; I have been collecting interesting clouds for some time now.  As another piece with a narrow range of values I am quite pleased with it although I may tweak the bridge a bit - the textures show up better in reality and I think it deserves a frame.  Its quite big for a sketch 16 x 20" Oil on linen.
I have also just started playing with glazing, I wasnt entirely satisfied with this painting, too monotone and too boring although I like the textures.  Finally I had a lightbulb moment and knew what do do.  I darkened the top left with some burnt umber, scrubbed in a bit of indian yellow on the lights and greyed the floor and walls with a light scumbling of kings blue.  Now it more closely resembles how I remember it, a dull day which lent a quiet and sombre atmosphere to the former monastery.   I'm very excited about the possibilities of making small adjustments and corrections using glazing and scumbling now I have seen how it works.  Also I am thinking I need to do a few more long and more considered paintings. 


  1. Tina, I'm very much impressed by these, especially the lower one. The painting stands upon strong drawing, and the color variations (the glazing/scumbling work you did) enlivens it further. I'm liking that large pot on the left a lot!

  2. Thanks Prosenjit, it's good to dip into subjects other than the figure every now and then although they present a whole load of new challenges.