Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hitting the wall

All but the first are from life.  The first one was done after a disatisfactory result from a good and well lit life session - really I have no excuses our set ups are excellent.  I had taken a few photos and had decided to have a play around in an attempt to find a simpler approach for the next time i.e. a limited palette of burnt sienna, ultramarine and white.  So although it solved the problem of seeing and mixing colours in dim light I soon went back to colour. Looking at your work in monochrome is a good exercise too and although I think my values are largely okay I am still not happy and feel in a great big artistic rut. Mostly for me the life work is about practicing the craft and not worrying about the result but it all feels a bit mindless and robotic right now. Part of the problem is the mental attitude of course, its important to get into the zone and I am not always able to do that.  In addition I know that I need to clearly define my wider goals and work towards them without getting distracted. Other artists distract me more than anything, I think I read and look at too much and it over stimulates my brain and causes confusion.  So I am not doing any other work for a while whilst I consider all that and find some focus.  As for the life work, next week I am going large to see if I can break out a bit!

All oil on mylar 12" x 16"

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