Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Summer break

These are from the last two of the weekly life sessions until mid September.  Looking at them together now I would say I have a tendancy to 'average' my models, one of them was very petite and slender and the other a rather wonderful Rubenesque build, but I can see that is not necessarily obvious in my intepretations.  My aim is for accuracy rather than art in these sessions. First a human, then the right gender (you may laugh) then the gesture, proportions and general lighting then maybe some likeness and feeling or mood. Its a long list. Will need to pay attention to the body likeness next term.  In some ways I was feeling like I was just getting somewhere, focussing back on the drawing, using minimal sticks of colour and playing up the two light sources. Anyway hopefully after the break I will pick up where I left off with renewed energy, inspiration and perhaps take things forward some more.  The quickies are about 5 mins and the longer poses around 45 minutes.  The final portrait was 10 minutes at the end to stop me over noodling the figure drawing - it doesnt really capture her likeness but I did enjoy doing it.  I should do some more portraits I think.  So much to capture, so little time......


  1. These are Lovely Tiny T....arh Time factor , i love it !!makes me push harder !

  2. Thanks Sandra. Whats happened to the comments option on your blog? I absolutely loved that plein air you did but couldnt tell you :(. Hope you are well, I should probably visit WC and see who is about. Are you on facebook?

  3. You do beautiful work, Tina - I love how your figures glow!