Monday, 21 October 2013

Scratching scribbling and smudgy glowing

A few life drawings and pastel paintings from the last few weeks.  Some of the colours are a bit nuclear, partly because of the limited range I carry at times and partly because of the artificial evening lighting.  It makes for a suprise the next morning.

Torso man - who needs legs!  Pastel on A2

Radioactive man - exagerated pose for fun and actually really liked the outcome despite some dodgy proportions.  Pastel on A2

Quicky five minute warm ups.... must try and smudge with more deliberation.

20 minute pose - tried to get the light decay

A longer pose so I thought I would start with a gesture as it was subtley and tricky, a slight slump and a bit of a twist.

A second attempt at a pastel, the first was way too ugly for posting.  This was better but I should have made that nice left leg and foot a bit more distinctive.  A2 and about 45 mins.

 A couple of pre lunch quickies, a 10 and a 20 minutes.

Another long one, quite liked the pose although the light was changing every five minutes as it was stormy outside.

 Final one of the day, overworked it a bit in 30 mins but at least the model got a lie down.

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