Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dont forget your easel

Yup, I was properly thrown out on Sunday by not having remembered my easel.  I created a faux drawing 'donkey' by putting two chairs together, stradling one end and propping up my drawing board on the other but it wasnt very comfortable and the board kept slipping. We had a great model, supremely professional and rock like - he's a specialist diving instructor, discretely muscular and great to draw/paint. For the last two poses I broke into a nice box of unison soft pastels in portrait colours.  Wow, what a difference having some really beautiful subtle colours to work with makes, especially in daylight.  The paper wasnt very special but I liked how the torso pose turned out.  Maybe its time to take a look at Degas again and expand my palette.

Nice pose, unfortunate choice of crayons.

Dare I say, a bit Picasso like?

Exaggerated foreshortening

practice run with the unisons - too much ochre

this reminds me of a Vanderpoel torso I did once

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