Sunday, 26 January 2014

Painting, love it, love it, love it!

These small paintings have been brought to completion in December/January.  

I definately prefer a smooth painting surface and have experimented with wood, prepared aluminium and copper panels.  They are all good but more experimentation is required to fully understand how the paint and support affect each other. 

The warm series of landscapes I have been working on are from a set of photos I took at the Brandywine area when visiting the Wyeth museum in Pennsylvania and the Hagley museum in Delaware.  Its a lovely and inspiring place and I thought I would test out my lovely Williamsburg french earth oil paints.

all oil on aluminium
8 x 8"
8 x 8"
8 x 10"

This is a portrait of lovely artist called Nancy Park who lives in Oklahoma and with whom I did a portrait swap through Wet Canvas for Christmas.  Of course I was horribly late with it but she is very understanding.   I took a chance and experimented with it by painting it on copper.  I reckoned another artist would appreciate an unusual support.  Its winging it way to her now as mine is to me, a very good fun project.

oil on copper
8 x 8"

These last two are a limited palette experiment on the Wet Canvas art forum, three colours plus white and in my case Mussini Red Tone, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine Blue.  Its quite a challenge knocking back the colours and trying to get the subtle shades but a very good excercise.  The portrait is of a movie star in his heyday, taken from an old black and white photo.  So far nobody has identified him!!!

Oil on aluminium
8 x 8"

A local snow scene from last year
Oil on Aluminium
8 x 10"

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