Thursday, 6 February 2014

Getting back in the swing now

Alex is a firm favourite of the Sunday group, a very professional model with elegance and grace.

Pastel and Conte on Grey paper
20 minutes
A2 ish
Although this looks the same this is a tan paper which worked really well, I did some other quick poses on the same paper which I was pleased with but left it behind.  It will be interesting so see what I think of them in a months time

Pastel on Tan
A2 ish
This was a bit of a boring pose on the face of it so I went for it with the colour, building the layers and just playing and having fun.

Pastel on grey paper
1 hour
A2 ish
The Tuesday night model was a wonderful muscular guy who could really hold the upright poses.  He commented that we were kind letting him sit down for the long pose - but we always do as there is nothing worse than thinking your model is suffering.  A great night!

Short poses, 5 - 7 mins
Long pose, about an hour
A2 Pastel on black paper

I am comfortable doing the day poses on lighter paper and the night poses on dark - that seems to be a good way of working right now.