Sunday, 23 March 2014

Playing it straight

I nearly didnt make it to todays Sunday workshop and I arrived late, very tired, slightly hungover and somewhat unprepared.  Its funny how it goes though, it wasnt a bad session at all.  I carry quite a bit of stuff with me because I never know what my mood will be and how inspiration will strike and today I decided it was a Pan Pastels day.  So no crazy colours, way out proportions or any attempt to be creative and I just went for sensible colours and an earnest attempt to capture the poses as accurately as possible.

Warm ups
Five Mins each

20 mins
Pastel pencil

I did three versions of the long pose because my stamina was non existent and I couldnt cope with the changes when the model had to stretch.

A 30 minute pan pastel, 15 minute pencil and another 30 minute pastel.  All on toned A2 paper.

 30 mins each

The final pose of the day and I did exaggerate the legs a bit and shrink the upper torso....I think I did it deliberately :).

45 minutes.

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