Saturday, 26 April 2014

Eggs - not just for Easter

I am not sure why I have never posted these before but having sold one of them this last week I thought I would.  Its good to do a regular still life and keep the drawing skills and observation honed and its true luxury having a model that doesnt move, need breaks or wilt - and so far I have not had one hatch either!  I may be a bit nuts but I went into such a tranquil place of concentration whilst doing these I swear they started developing personalities and attitudes.  Its very peaceful and meditative painting eggs and contemplating their smooth perfection  and should probably be prescribed on the National Health. 

They are all painted on lovely chunky wooden panels the largest of which is 6 x 6" and they can either be hung or placed on a flat surface. I have protected  them with a Michael Harding matte wax varnish which I like for certain subjects and especially high key paintings.

 'I want to be alone' 
4 x 4"
 'Two's company'
8 x 4" overall

 'Wait for me....'
4 x 4"

'Not duck egg blue'
6 x 6"

'Summer Holiday'
6 x 6"


  1. Wow - they are little gems! I love them - and love their imaginative titles!

  2. Thanks Susan. I am going to try and name all my paintings from now on as I have discovered if you want to exhibit you have to do that.