Friday, 4 April 2014


Deja vu on the inspiration front for me after I saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake for the second time back in January. I attempted to capture a couple of the swans after the first time I saw it several years ago but those canvasses have long since been painted over.  I'd like to say I sat there Degas-like sketching and studying and that I created a whole pile of reference material to work from but it was just too mesmerising a performance.  Plus I think that would take several decades of experience and skill building that I haven't quite acquired yet.   So this was painted from various sources - photos, videos etc., and I believe the main photographer for the company is Roy Tan but unless I get permission to do otherwise this painting will be the only one, and just for me.  Its a shame because I wanted to put it in a show in a couple of weeks but for now it is NFS.  Its at the framers and I cant wait to see what it will look like in its rather understated floater frame.

47 x 12"    Oil on Linen

 A few close ups


  1. These are excellent Tina, ballet is a great subject, especially if you have seen the production and have experienced the dance.


  2. Thanks Dave. In some ways I think ballet is a bit of an artistic cliche but its good use of the life drawing practice.