Monday, 26 May 2014

Pan on Black

These are all from the monthly Sunday workshop.  I missed last month so was looking forward to getting back.  Andrew is a great model, very professional and rock steady.

Five minute warm ups
I couldnt believe the model chose to stand for the long pose, what a trouper.  I was working speedily so opted to do two paintings (I always think painting with pastels, its never drawing).  I brought  more colours into my palette, the original drawing set being earths, because it doesnt take me long to be craving some harding hitting pigments.

These were about 45minutes and 30 minutes respectively.
Pan Pastel

I am trying out different black papers, its provided on the  Tuesday night sessions and I think is just a pretty basic sugar paper.  I've also tried Canson Ingres Vidalon Paper which is nice but with laid paper you do have have to pick the smooth side - I dont like lines down my work. I've also used Fabriano Tiziano which I like too, it grips the pastel well.  Its a balance buying paper cheap enough so its not too precious to burn through but decent if something comes out really well.

The pose above was about 45 mins and the one to the right aobut 30 mins.  I rarely touch them without the model in front of me but I can see some fixes on these.

 Tried to get that belly coming forward.

The corpse pose - our model finally got a rest.

1 hour

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