Saturday, 10 May 2014

Repair and maintenance

The first painting I have done since the portrait workshop was to rework some older pieces that have been bugging me. I suddenly knew what to do - how strange it is when that happens.  So here are the before and afters.

I chopped the bottom off to square it then repainted the foliage, lightening the yellow and re-emphasising the darker twisty branches.  Much better I think.
Oil on Aluminium
8 x 8"

I've been wrestling with this one for a long while, its a painting from a life sketch and it still may not be finished but its getting closer.  I knocked back the contrast on the elbow, added more flesh to the leg and re-aligned the spine as well as adding some more graphic elements to the contours around the shoulders.  I may not have finished with the background and I am a bit sick of it but it wont defeat me.

Oil on linen
20 x 28"

This one has been treated to a good sanding then a thin white layer scumbled over the foreground to knock back some of the orange and make it more snowy and atmospheric. Then I popped it into a black frame and I do believe its done.  Not bad from a phone snap I took whilst walking through the local nature reserve a couple of winters ago. 

Oil on Aluminium 
8 x 12"

I had to have another try with Davids face this 20 minute sketch  revealed to me that the eyes were too small in the painting.

Pan Pastels on paper

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