Sunday, 15 June 2014

Where am I going?

 I'm wondering if I ought to start mussing with these drawings back on the easel when I get home.  I follow quite a few blogs and just recently the very talented and hardworking Derek Jones has got me thinking.  There's something to be said for leaving them fresh and purely from life but maybe I should be pushing myself more.  Some weeks the only art I do is the life work and they just go into a great big pile until its time to prune then a whole load just get binned.  Its something to ponder.


  1. Love this one, Tina. And I understand your dilemma. I am leaning toward agreeing with Derek. I tend to do more harm than good when fiddling with my life work. But, at times, I just can't help myself!

  2. Thanks Susan. I guess nothing ventured nothing gained - I had some advise from an eminent artist about using the sessions to collect the colour information and then try and get photos to work on the drawings at home. I will give that a go when we get a model that allows photos. Hope you are good, you are such an inspiration to me.