Tuesday, 28 October 2014

October Life

A small selection from the last few weeks, 5's and 10 minute poses, slightly longer, then about an hour or so.

All Pan Pastel on various papers 20 x 30" ish.

I think this one was about 20 mins, and that giant foot is most deliberate.  I quite like the subtlety of the light here.

This lad was modelling for the first time he was very good and an absolute superstar holding that leg up for so long.  He reminded me a bit of a fifties lifeguard and I think I may have been trying to channel Cadmus.

If I think they might turn out half decent I have taken to doing small edits when I get home, whilst the model is still fresh in my mind. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Prof


I was lucky enough to shake this mans hand last month, so I have studied him close up and was compelled to do a little oil sketch.  At some point I may do a bigger more considered portrait, he has very expressive and elegant hands and I reckon something in contrast all those cheesy publicity shots of him might be interesting.

Oil on clear primed linen
12 x 12"

This was my first proper painting with my Rublev paints, its so much easier using earth colours for a portrait although I have to admit I wouldnt want to be restricted all the time.  Loved the paints, the canvas less so - much prefer panels these days especially for small portraits.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Love Live Life

Its soooo good to be properly back to life drawing on a Tuesday night.  Yeah, I was rusty but it was two hours of total concentration and relaxation - it should be on the National Health! 

Pan Pastel on paper
16 x 24"


I positioned myself in an area which was pretty dark by the end of the session so I'll try and remember some extra lighting next week and actually see what I am doing. My plan for the next few months is to work a bit smaller so I can keep the proportions under control and I also need to concentrate on the values.  Still loving the Pan Pastels for life work and looking forward to a full days sessions next Sunday.

 Pan Pastel on paper
16 x 24"

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Artists can never afford to slack

Its not always possible to devote all the time we would like to our art, but usually I have always managed to keep a reasonable level of activity up come what may.   The backbone of my art is the life sessions but the natural break of the summer extended too far this year with too many distractions and I feel serious amounts of rust may have set in.  

I didnt manage any plein aire at all but I did a bit of studio painting here and there including adding a few more to the eggs series with another one still in the pipeline. 

 Broken Egg
 Oil on wood panel
 4 x 4" Diptych

 Oil on wood panel
 8 x 8"


 One, Three, Two
 Oil on wood panel
 16 x 8"