Monday, 17 November 2014

Persistance, persistance, persistance

Regular repetition is the only way to really improve at something, I am naturally inclined to bounce around a bit too much - the sign of low threshold of boredom or a poor attention span perhaps.  Anyway, working from life, week in week out, month in month out is the best way to improve ones observation and drawing skills (one is drawing even if one is painting).  If I look back it seems like I am such a slow learner and have been doing this forever, but on the other hand its very, very challenging and I only have so many hours to devote to it. 


Yesterdays monthly workshop in Swindon went really well as have my recent weekly sessions, could it be the planets are finally aligning and consistency is sneaking up on me?  

Our superb facilitator Rosemarie had kindly taken up my suggestion of using a warm coloured backcloth and so presented us with a very macho model in a very girly pink setting.  All was good though, in our cool British natural light or under the utilitarian fluorescent tubes white skintone can look quite cadaverous against a blue cloth. 

As ever I exaggerated the warm tones but I dont seem to have any control over that unless I restrain myself by using earth colours.  


Our very excellent and professional model had brought along his own portable light which gave us strong direct light to work with - another really very helpful factor which should come in the 'How to Run a Life Class' manual.

So thanks to Terry for being such a splendid model and thanks to Rosemary for another great year of monthly Sunday sessions - that was my last one until 2015

All these are Pan Pastel on various papers
24 x 28" approx
Standardising my tool kit?

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