Sunday, 23 March 2014

Playing it straight

I nearly didnt make it to todays Sunday workshop and I arrived late, very tired, slightly hungover and somewhat unprepared.  Its funny how it goes though, it wasnt a bad session at all.  I carry quite a bit of stuff with me because I never know what my mood will be and how inspiration will strike and today I decided it was a Pan Pastels day.  So no crazy colours, way out proportions or any attempt to be creative and I just went for sensible colours and an earnest attempt to capture the poses as accurately as possible.

Warm ups
Five Mins each

20 mins
Pastel pencil

I did three versions of the long pose because my stamina was non existent and I couldnt cope with the changes when the model had to stretch.

A 30 minute pan pastel, 15 minute pencil and another 30 minute pastel.  All on toned A2 paper.

 30 mins each

The final pose of the day and I did exaggerate the legs a bit and shrink the upper torso....I think I did it deliberately :).

45 minutes.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Boy, girl, pastel, paper....

The human dynamo that is Lee was this weeks model, suprisingly given how much energy and enthusiasm he can really hold the long poses well.  The warm ups were 2. 5 and 10 minutes which I found very useful.

We were going for a Cadmus style pose here, and set the model up on a table which makes for a good change of perspective.

1 hour
pastel on black paper


Here I decided to do the same pose from two different viewpoints each side of the break.  It was a real race against time to get it all down and I enjoyed the foreshortening of the second version. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hair, hair and no hair

Hmmm, not so sure where that gaudy yellow hair came from.  Playing with the realistic skintones against a more graphic background - Klimtesque perhaps?

This one was lost then found - from last month - the model has very lovely long grey hair which she wears with pride.  We should ask her to let it down next time.

Ben the Buff - A really great muscular and hairless model this Sunday.  He put great heart into his poses, especially the short ones and sometimes it hurt.

Hopefully we will see him again in the future, it was great drawing a bald model and somehow his head just became part of the body, another limb rather than the centre.  I'd like to explore that some more.  This one was deliberately exaggerated for that reason but I think it would have worked better on a different pose.  I also gave the black paper a trial in the daylight to see how I would fare.

Pastel on paper
45 mins
Round two, same pose zoomed in.

Pastel on Paper
45 mins

My favourite pose of the day, what a trouper keeping that going for the time.  20 or 30 mins I think.

This one was 30 minutes.

Yep, really enjoyed drawing this guy.