Sunday, 8 March 2015

Three weeks, three models

 Three very different but equally inspiring models - I'm putting the time in this year.

The lovely Rose, a regular model at our weekly sessions and an amazing artist in her own right.

Thought I would try pen for the warm ups - hence the giant tree looking hands, had to move them.  No forgiveness with the ink but I kinda like it.

Another regular at the Sunday full day workshop - Christiana is such a trouper and challenging to capture but its great when it works.

Its been a long time since I've done any two minute gestures - I did enjoy them though.


I liked how I shaded this at the very end of the the 30 minute pose with the light contrasting the dark and dark contrasting the light.

 This was a fun one.

In readiness for a new encaustic piece.  Graphite on watercolour paper and I needed to capture just the basic shapes and the shadow lines.

The long pose.

This was an amazing new (to us) model that we had last Tuesday - The lovely Rachael is an actress and model and gave us some really dynamic and interesting poses.  She is very beautiful and I was just sorry I couldnt capture her portrait too. Hopefully we will see her again.


  1. Fabulous Tina - every time I see your life drawings, it makes me wish there was a class near here (or that I would get off my butt and start one up!).

  2. I can imagine it harder to persuade people to take their clothes off in your neck of the woods. Still, the warmer weather is on its way, you should definately think about starting one up it seems like you are in a very creative community so I am sure it would be popular.

  3. Tina these are energetic and vibrant. My favorite is the red one with the 5 in it. It is brilliant and stunning.

    1. Thanks Jessica, the 5 denotes the time. It never ceases to amaze me that typically the quick ones are better. I Appreciate you dropping by.

  4. I adore your use of color - the first one and the long pose are truly wonderful!