Wednesday, 20 May 2015

More foreshortening

What a complicated pose this was, Rachel was rock steady holding it for so long but I guess it looks more uncomfortable than it actually was because she remained serene.  I felt like pushing the colours a bit more this week.  We start off in daylight and end in the dark so its easier than trying to be accurate in the changing light.

I loved these short poses even though they felt like a very short five minutes compared to the usual generous five we get.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Foreshorting Frustrations

How to show convincing foreshortening without exaggeration?  I am sure the answers are in my head somewhere or at least in one of my many art books but for now I am a bit stumped and rather dissatisfied with the legs in both the female and male reclined drawings I have done this week.


Deliberate exaggeration and I wouldnt have minded doing a longer version of this one.

Playing it straight, not so interesting to my eyes and there was quite a twist in the pose which I am not sure entirely comes off. 


We had a very muscular and dynamic model for the all day session today - he really did do some excellent poses but it was challenging to do justice to all that anatomy.

This one has great potential for a longer piece and I wish I'd asked to take a photo.

The long pose with the problematic lower leg which didnt get any better after the break, sometimes a re-set helps but something still seems a bit off.

I'd wanted to work in charcoal but it was falling off the paper so I had to change to black and white pastel. 

The last one of the day and we were all this tired.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Big Painting Challenge - Life & Portraits

The BBC One Big Painting Challenge that was broadcast earlier in the year was a big topic of conversation at our weekly life drawing sessions.  We were impressed, intrigued, amazed and awed, and curious about how we might measure up in similar circumstances.  So our brilliant organiser and facilitator the lovely Monique has put a programme together for us in a similar vein to the programme to see what we are made of including ensuring a variety of media are used.  Some of the work is to be done in our own time and some in the group sessions.  The first two weeks were Figure Drawing and Portraits - pretty much in our comfort zone apart from I dont think any of us had done a self portrait before.  So in the spirit of a team challenge we are showing and telling, happy with our efforts or not!

Some of the work from the last two weeks.  I think it would be fair to say none of the self-portraits in any way flatter the subjects - what is it about artistic integrity and lack of vanity, we'll never get commissions that way!

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Sometimes you just have to get things out of your system but I would hope that my Sunrise/Sunset phase is over.  I have learned that attempting to paint something that is perfectly beautiful already, both in memory and photograph, is only going to lead to disappointment. That is my experience anyway and I think it far more interesting and satisfying to find and create beauty out of something seemingly mediocre. 

Oil on Wood
8 x 8"

That said maybe painting from life would be better. It would have to be a sunset though because I could never get organised early enough in the morning. 

Oil on Wood
12 x 6"

These are all from my recent trip to Key West in Florida including the famous sunset at Mallory Square.  Its a truly stunning place and I doubt anyone could help but be inspired.

Oil on Wood
16 x 8"