Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Big Painting Challenge - Life & Portraits

The BBC One Big Painting Challenge that was broadcast earlier in the year was a big topic of conversation at our weekly life drawing sessions.  We were impressed, intrigued, amazed and awed, and curious about how we might measure up in similar circumstances.  So our brilliant organiser and facilitator the lovely Monique has put a programme together for us in a similar vein to the programme to see what we are made of including ensuring a variety of media are used.  Some of the work is to be done in our own time and some in the group sessions.  The first two weeks were Figure Drawing and Portraits - pretty much in our comfort zone apart from I dont think any of us had done a self portrait before.  So in the spirit of a team challenge we are showing and telling, happy with our efforts or not!

Some of the work from the last two weeks.  I think it would be fair to say none of the self-portraits in any way flatter the subjects - what is it about artistic integrity and lack of vanity, we'll never get commissions that way!


  1. Hi, Tina - how lucky you are to participate in such a great group willing to try new things and challenge each other! What fun!

  2. Yeah, i don't know what it is about artists and self-portraits.
    I have gotten that feedback on mine as well! lol

    That second painting you posted is wonderful. That is a difficult pose and you handled it wonderfully.

  3. What a great idea! I didn't watch the TV programme (I am telly free), but it sounded good.

    I love all the life drawings and the self portraits - super work!

  4. Susan you are right we are lucky with our group - we have a great organiser, an excellent location and a dedicated and varied group of artists.

    Jessica, I agree about that second painting but I have to confess it wasnt mine :).

    Its a shame you didnt see the TV programme Rolina but if I manage to keep up with the blog and FB posts it'll be just as good. Not sure if the winner will get to display in the Tate though!