Saturday, 27 June 2015

Left and right

I was getting fed up with my constant reverting back to tightness so decided to challenge myself with a totally left handed piece.  It was difficult to keep it going but I persevered for about an hour despite running out of ink.  Rather amazingly the model was quite keen on it so I gave it to her. Food for thought.....we create art with our brains not our hands.

Left hand
Ink wash and pastel

Right Hand
Ink wash

Five minute poses.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Runner

A little gift I made for a mad running friend.  Its encaustic on wood and I tried laserprint transfer for the first time.  The unpredictability worked in my favour in this instance, I didnt want a perfect transfer and I definately didnt get one but I am quite happy with the result.  The texture is whats really interesting in with this medium and although I dont want to get into full multi media  or go too far away from traditional painting I am enjoying the interesting effects of wax.

Encaustic Wax, oil and pigment stick
Wood support
8" x 8"

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Plein air with the Apprentice

This was our first plein air outing together.  My apprentice and I still had a few practicalities to iron out but we had a pleasant few hours.  I think five is a reasonable age to start to use oils, I wish I had started when I was young, and it was also an excerise in patience, concentration and a change of pace.  You have a different kind of concentration when there are no electronics around!

 I'd forgotten how differently the young think and see the world. Why wasnt I painting us and what we were stood on?  Yes, I see that the sky touches the trees and the trees touch the water (but still need to paint them with a gap between).  We learned that you dont need black paint, and in fact the the total thrill of the day was the discovery of what colours could be created by mixing.

The first painting is from the trip but as it was a bit rushed I thought I'd  have another go in the studio.  I'm not really sure what my goals are as far as plein air is concerned but I do know that composition on the spot is difficult.

Picture of the day!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Big Painting Challenge - Still Life

Oops, found this lingering unposted in drafts from a few weeks back.  This is me - bag, keys and sunglasses picked up in the morning and thrown down each night.

Oil on Linen
12" x 16"

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Watercolour Challenge

Part of our group challenge is to use alternative media just like they did on the TV.  My least favourite and most avoided is watercolour so that seemed like the perfect option for the buildings task week especially as I have inherited a set that I'd not yet used.   Hmmmm.....  My normal method with new materials is to dive in head first, no reading the manuals for me, see what a mess I make and then go back and research it all properly.   Watercolours are everything I thought they were, a black art, impossibly unforgiving and infuriating as heck.  Also I think you need pretty decent paper if you are going to invest significant time in piece.  I dont even really like the look of too many traditional watercolours but I thought it worth giving them a fair crack and so have also used them along with ink and wash in some random sketches and some life work.  I certainly dont think I am a convert and at times I felt like I was back at school - and I mean in a bad way.  As for buildings, I think I prefer organic forms but probably need to do a few more of those too. All in all I did appreciate the benefits of water media for small quick sketches and I'll maybe have a go with a few more figures in a single pigment but overall I'll leave the more ambitious stuff to the would be Sargents. 

5 x 7"
Mugshot and vintage Photos

5 x 7"
from Photo

Various times, sizes and methods from the last few weeks life sessions.