Saturday, 27 June 2015

Left and right

I was getting fed up with my constant reverting back to tightness so decided to challenge myself with a totally left handed piece.  It was difficult to keep it going but I persevered for about an hour despite running out of ink.  Rather amazingly the model was quite keen on it so I gave it to her. Food for thought.....we create art with our brains not our hands.

Left hand
Ink wash and pastel

Right Hand
Ink wash

Five minute poses.

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  1. They are wonderful - I wish my non-dominant hand sketches were as good as yours!

    Another great way to loosen up is to stick a piece of charcoal on a long stick, my favourite life drawings were done that way.

    Talking of favourites, I love that five-minute pose on the right, with the feet raised - it is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Rolina, yes those big stick excercises are fun. I too liked that five minute pose, it gave me food for thought on the necessity of drawing 'both sides' .

  3. Beautifully painted human bodies. Great job!