Monday, 13 July 2015

Dancing Queen

The lovely Anna who models for us every now and then is a real inspiration, she has a wonderful youthful pre-raphaelite quality about her, is very natural, and a joy to work with.  This one is from life and I painted over an abandonded painting I was working on called Dancing Queen.  The toned background complimented her pale skin beautifully and also saved much time.  I'll probably work this one a bit more and but I was quite pleased all things considered.  I used my Rublev paints for this, they are so lovely for skintone both the handling and the gentleness of the earth colours.

Oil on Canvas 14" x 18"

The original

Oil on board 12 x 16"
This painting is from a photo I took of Anna from an earlier life session.  It was supposed to be a quick head study for a full body pose - painting a sideways head is always a huge challenge, the brain keeps trying to straighten everything and the features move all over the place.  There is still some more finessing to do and checking it out in black and white helps guide me.

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  1. I love the gracefulness of these works and the dancing like movements of the background that coordinate with the figure.