Saturday, 18 July 2015

Drawing is everything.....

I have just taken my second workshop with the Anthony Connolly, member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and a thoroughly delightful man.  He has been mentioned recently in articles by and about The Mall Galleries as one of the RP top ten most commissioned artists which is great - you can see it here Top Ten Portrait Painters.  So as ever the emphasis is on good drawing and accuracy, and Anthony's very experienced eye and unhurried approach makes for a good working environment.  I'm a slow learner but a fast painter so managed to do approximately one painting a day - they are not huge pieces and in retrospect I wish I had attempted something larger.

Some of these will be worked on some more, just for the exercise and then get recycled.  They are all on 12 x 16" ampersand gesso panels. 

This poor model was tortured by a persistant fly and also had a leg problem so this pose was a bit of a challenge for us all.

This model was excellent, he must have been a rock or an oak tree in an earlier life.  The painting flowed so well I didnt even stop to take progress photos.

Some very different skin tones with this model, I was going for subtle and pretty but the light changed totally over the course of the day and I could have gone on repainting the different lights and shadows forever.

Since getting home I have found it interesting to look back at the original drawings and see where they had wandered off course.  I can feel a  process starting to emerge...



The final painting of the week and I ran out of time.  I struggled with the rear end, putting in and scraping off many times.  It was the drawing and the artistic decisions - what to emphasise and what to downplay.  She was lit from both sides so I had numerous choices.  

Still I find exaggerating the foreshortening makes it read better, although I was supposed to be playing it straight in this scenario.   Anyway, I scrubbed it all out with not much time to go and then just re-drew the basic outline and decided it made it a bit of Sargentesque.

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  1. Very nice of subtle tones and complementary colors in figure paintings.
    fellow artist and figure artist