Sunday, 15 November 2015

Inky Marks

Its been a while, but here is some of the lifework I have managed since the last post.  The paintings were the last things I was working on before the summer break, output has been sporadic since but most recently I have continued and expanded my experiments with ink and water media.  I find it especially challenging and unforgiving but I reckon it goes well with life work and it will do me good.  I have also been reading up on Japanese art both ancient and modern, artists influenced by Japonisme and also sumi-e.  I have loved all things oriental since childhood and want to see if I can channel some of that into my work including marrying it up with the Encaustics somehow too.  

Five minute warm ups - Ink on paper

Oil on board
Oil on large pre-painted canvas - the first painting was scraped off and re-used a week later.  I think I prefer the first one now.  Ah well, thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Charcoal and white chalk on paper
I quite liked the beard on this one, reminds me of Mad Men for some reason.
Pan Pastel on black paper
Its great when the last quick drawing of the day goes well, I was quite pleased with this one.
Ink wash and pastel on paper

I was pretty happy with this one too.
Ink and water colour on paper

This one was great fun, exaggerating the gesture and going a bit wild with the colours.

Pastel on paper

Ink and water media on paper.

This one is ink and wash, pastel and charcoal on paper.  He looks nothing like the model as I was trying to idealise him somewhat.

These are both ink and wash.

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