Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I've never really been that consistant with signing my work so I spent some time playing around with options and designs have worked out a three standard signatures for different needs.  

My quick and easy and rather modern looking looking moniker for life paintings is just four straight lines.  Easy with a paintbrush and always doable first time.  Done in raw umber its not so discrete but its in keeping with the unpolished look of my quicker life work.

I may work on a full signature in the same style for longer pieces from life.


For small scale studio paintings I am using a tidier and more polished version of the same initials I have always used.  It sometimes takes two or three goes but its done with subtlety and in a toning colour as I prefer discrete signatures that dont intrude.

My full signature for larger works starts with the same initials and the following letters are just simple and readable and again in toning paint.

So thats that sorted, no more anonymous work.


  1. Do you not think that - that will be confusing to a collector?

    1. I hope not, I believe historically artists often had different signatures for their sketches and studio pieces but I shall check it out.