Thursday, 29 June 2017

JSS in Civita

Corot said the study of the nude is the best lesson that a landscape painter can have and that if someone knows how to get down a figure, he is able to make a landscape.  Let's hope so because next Monday I fly out to Italy to participate in the JSS in Civita summer school for seven weeks.  If I cope with the heat I hope to make serious progress in a fairly new area of art for me.  I will be studying under and working alongside world class artists and teachers and following in the footsteps of the likes of Corot, Ingres and Turner.  It's described as 'An artistic immersion of a lifetime' and 'A peerless painters paradise'.  With all the sad and bad news in the world and a few significant personal life changing events over the last few years I welcome the distraction of a more positive challenge. So the paints and brushes are nearly packed (and the marmite) and a new adventure awaits.

These are four rather splendid Corots from the National Gallery in London I managed to see recently.   They are about 142 x 73 cm and are rather inspiring to me.  I like the idea of the different times of day and also am drawn to this aspect ratio as I particularly favour it in a lot of my own work.  I have done a bit of Corot research in preparation for this trip and hope to see more of his work in Italy.


  1. The last time you did a school course you improved your painting significantly Tina.
    Look forward to hearing about this when you get back, you did a nice write up last time.

    Enjoy Italy and the summer :), Dave.